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Shop By Bear

Known all over the world for spreading sharing, caring, and togetherness, the lovable, huggable Care Bears look forward to embarking on new adventures with their friends - YOU! We're excited to share these Care Bears products with you. Shop by searching for your favorite bear on this page to find anything from t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and more! Don't see your favorite bear? Shop All products here and filter by bear to see who might be hiding.

Unlock the Magic of owning your very own Care Bear Merchandise.

<p><strong>Cheer Bear™</strong></p>

Cheer Bear™

"Here To Cheer!"

Cheer Bear loves to help others see the bright side of life. Happy and kind, her can-do attitude can get her and her friends through any situation.

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<p><strong>Funshine Bear™</strong></p>

Funshine Bear™

"Live The Fun Life!"

Playful Funshine Bear works hard to make sure that everyone is having a good time. His sense of humor makes him the life of any party!

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<p><strong>Good Luck Bear™</strong></p>

Good Luck Bear™

"Make Your Own Luck!"

Good Luck Bear is loaded with luck and good things follow him wherever he goes. You may say he leads a charmed life!

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<p><strong>Grumpy Bear™</strong></p>

Grumpy Bear™

"Grumpy Days Are Ok!"

Grumpy may be a bit of a grouch, but his grumpiness reminds us that it’s ok to be grumpy sometimes – as long as it doesn’t last too long!

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